June 2016

We are currently accepting bookings for the 2016 season for live cover only.

Commander will be available for limited season from October to December in Lal Lal, Victoria

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

phone: 0488 163 511 or alison@blau.com.au


Rick & Al
Blau Sport Horses & Ponies

Blau Commander Cohen

Australian Quarter Horse Association Q-69909

PHAA Approved Sire

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Those who choose to breed to Commander, or own progeny sired by him, often comment about potency; consistency in type and temperament, the "look" and "trainability" his babies share. These traits are directly attributed to the horses he carries the blood of.
Without the past there is no future!
The image above highlights the horses most highly represented in Commanders' pedigree.
Blau Commander Cohe...n, 2006 Quarter Horse Stallion
Sire: Roc On Gold
(Roc Again (a double cross to Roc O Lena; Roc O Lena x Stylish Lena (by Roc O Lena)) x True Blue Too (a descendant of Hill King Pistol and Top Deck)
Dam: Hollywood Buzz
(LD What a Buzz (Docs Spinifex x Docs Annabar) x Hollys Jewell (a double cross to Hollywood Return; Hollywood Hodges (by Hollywood Return) x Hollys Jools (by Hollywood Return))




Please read our breeding terms and conditions carefully and please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.

COLOUR - what colour will your foal be?

Bring your dreams to life in gold!


Foal coat colour probability:

Chestnut mare                        Palomino OR Buckskin (50/50)


Bay mare #                             Buckskin 87.5%, Palomino 12.5%


Black mare *                           Buckskin 87.5%, Palomino 12.5%



# Bay Mares: unknown red carrier status is the above %, if your mare has a chestnut parent she IS a red carrier, the % for red carrier Bay mares is Buckskin 75% Palomino 25%
Your bay mare can also be homozygous black (non red carrier) you cannot pick a homozygous black bay mare by looks this requires testing. Homozygous black mares will always have a buckskin foal when bred to Commander

* The information above for Bay mares applies equally for Black mares when bred to Commander, her Agouti status (what makes her Bay) has no impact on the base coat colour of your new


Commander cannot produce a smokey black or a smokey cream foal as he is homozygous agouti.


Blau Commander Cohen Coat Colour DNA (Animal Genteics Inc.USA)

Rfactor: Ee    Agouti: AA    Cream:CrCr


There are endless genetic combinations, shades and factors (both inherited and environment) that will affect the coat colour of your foal - if you have your heart set on a special colour we recommend you buy that horse rather than try to breed it.


The above coat colour information is intended as a guide only, for us the important point is that you get quality and colour! 


"White" genes:
Commander does not carry any "white" marking genes as such, he does have 2 socks on his hind legs, and based on breedings to date we have not identified any pattern in expression that suggests supression or amplification factors being present.
OLWS: Commander can never produce an OLWS (lethal white) foal, he is safe to breed to your overo positive mare

Grey mares
Commander does not carry a grey gene, therefore any expression of grey in resulting progeny is inherited maternally. If you mare is hetrozygous grey (one copy of the gene) you have a 50/50 chance your foal will mature grey. If your mare is homozygous grey your foal will mature grey no matter what stallion you choose to breed her to.

Cream gene mares
Commander will not be publicly available for breeding this season to cream dilute mares, this includes palomino, buckskin, cremello and perlino mares.  This does not include mares carrying dun, champagne, pearl, silver or other dilute genes.

Should you wish to breed your cream dilute mare to Commander please contact us, we have and do continue to make exceptions after discussions with mare owners.