We have put this page together to hopefully answer all your general questions about breeding to Commander.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all.

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September 2016

Commander's book has now closed.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

phone: 0488 163 511 or alison@blau.com.au


Rick & Al
Blau Sport Horses & Ponies

Breeding Contract 

2016 Season dates


2016 Fees and charges

Service fee includes:
> agistment for 1 cycle at stud, agistment fees detailed below apply thereafter

> vet scans (on farm) for 1 cycle to monitor ovulation, as needed, and post breeding pregnancy diagnosis

> no handling fee on first cycle
Second or third cycle breedings or LFG:
> agistment charged per day as per the below

> vet fees and associated charges (scans, drugs etc)

> $100 handling fee per cycle


Service fee is due on arrival at stud in addition to any anticipated expenses, the balance of fees including agistment as applicable is payable before your mare leaves the stud.

Fees for any drugs (as needed) such as sedative for scanning, prostaglandin (PG), or ovuation drugs will be charged at the rate directly charged to us.

Live Cover fee includes up to 3 cycles (more than 95% of mares bred have conceived on first cycle)

Live Cover includes Live Foal Guarantee (LFG)


FROZEN SEMEN - availability to be confirmed

Introductory frozen semen fees:
> $500 per dose (3 straws)

> $1300 for 3 doses

Additional expenses:

> Packaging & Shipping TBC

Commander has very good motility and fertility and his semen has very good progressive motility for chilled transport, with high first time success rates for live cover, fresh insemination, and shipped chilled semen.  His first "frozen baby" Elsa was concieved on first cycle - pictured below at 2 months old, February 2015

1 service certificate will be issued per dose.

Frozen Semen does not include Live Foal Guarantee


$10 per day for dry mares ($70 per week).  We are happy to accomodate special feed requirements (at cost or bring your own).

Preparing your mare to come to stud

The following requirements are not negotiable and are for the health and safety of ourselves, our stallion and your mare.

1. All mares must be vet checked and arrive with a current (no older than 21 days) vet certificate verifying their health and soundness to breed (clitoral swab).  We will accept this via email from your vet

2. All mares must have undergone a follicle scan prior to arrival, with advice from your vet on follicle size and estimated date of ovulation

3. All mares must have shoes removed and feet trimmed (no sharp edges front or back)

4. All mares must be given a broad spectrum wormer 7 days prior to arrival

5. All mares must be ground handled, able to be caught and led safely, and tie up


We do have a maximum height limit for Live-cover of mares (please read further down on this page), please ensure you observe this when booking to avoid confusion on arrival. 

Please ensure your mare is healthy in mind and body prior to breeding, we will not accept mares that are obese, underweight, or have current injuries requiring management eg: bandaging.

We will not hobble or sedate you mare to breed her, if she is unreasonably aggressive or cannot be ground handled we will contact you to arrange pick up, we will not risk ourselves, our stallion or your mare being hurt.  If your mare is not often handled in confined spaces please spend some time with her prior to breeding re-establishing the basics.  We have sent mares home in the past, the above requirements are not just a line on our website.


We concern ourselves with ensuring that all mares are sufficiently in full heat (by proper natural teasing) before being bred, this is aided by follicle scans as needed.  We suggest scanning during the 2 weeks prior (ideally within 7 days) before your planned arrival date so that you and your vet can determine her approximate ovulation date and time her visit appropriately.  Please take the time to also let us know about previous breeding experiences your mare has had as this can help us make her stay as comfortable as possible.

All mares must have a current clear vet check (clitoral swab) before arriving, we recommend undertaking a follicle scan at the same time to plan around the best time to breed your mare.  Please note, the results of the swab test will not be available for 3-4 days following your appointment please speak to your vet and ensure this is coordinated before your arrival.

Mares can get infections for many reasons and if they do have an infection then the chances of a successful pregnancy are greatly reduced.  Even maidens can have infections, this is again a non-negotiable requirement and although we do not insist on this term being met by mares we ship semen to we do highly recommend undertaking a swab on all mares as a part of breeding preparation.

**NB: your swab must be current for the breeding period, swab results from previous seasons will not be accepted

Live cover breeding and the height of your mare

Please note the below limitations only apply to live-cover and are a guide only, the build of your mare may also impact our ability to live cover.

Blau Commannder Cohen
Maximum Height: 15.2hh
Please contact us should you wish to breed your pony mare, we have had great success breeding ponies with Commander however we prefer to discuss the type/build of your pony mare prior to booking

Caring for your mare like she is one of our own

We understand it can be a hard decision to send your mare away to another property so we aim to offer her the most professional and hands-on care during her stay. 

We continue to develop our property to improve the comfort for both visiting mares and those that call Blau home.  Over the past 2 seasons we have redeveloped our maternity wing, our purpose built accommodation for visiting mares, and our breeding area.

All visiting mares are housed in large yards with electric stand-offs (no wire) and lane-ways to prevent tiffs and fence related injuries. We use small drinkers to ensure water is always fresh and does not heat up on warm days.  We have limited natural grazing and feed a variety of high quality rye/clover hays sourced locally.

Visiting mares are fed daily, and we are happy to accommodate your special feed requirements (either bring your own supplemental feed or we will source it at your cost).